Saturday, December 1, 2012

ZombiU -{Wii U}-

ZombiU is a serious return to survival horror, don't get me wrong I really liked Resident Evil 6, and in a strange way I liked Operation Raccoon City lol, but Ubisoft really has impressed me with ZombiU. I was really scared playing this game, a lot of gaming sites have thrown this game under the bus but I have to disagree. This is in my opinion the best survival horror game in years, you have limited supples like weapons, ammo but when you find good weapons my advice is to store them in your safe house because you will die no matter what you think you will die. That's all fun and all good you do get the chance to get your inventory back from the last character that die but still stock up you will need to. As you play this game you will unfold a great plot in the campaign mode which I will not spoil for you, I will say this it is great. Multiplayer is good and worth playing but the campaign is the true gem here. With the Wii U Gamepad incorporated with this game I think makes it great worth a look at if you are into survival horror.

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