Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Knack -{PS4}-

Finally I got the chance to play this game but before I say anything I'll say this, is the game a game changer? Nope. Is this game revoulutionary in style, gameplay, and graphics? Nope. But it is a fun game which I enjoy, Knack is fun to play with more than that I love his attacks, the way he powers up by using what they call relics, ice or wood. The wood power ups I love because Knack will burn if set on fire which will help you in certain parts of the game. Gameplay is pretty good, graphic are ok, I have read a lot of negative reviews but overall if you are looking for a fun game to play i would recommend Knack I do not think it is weak at all, check it out it will be worth it.

Bravely Default Review -{3DS}-

Now that the game has been released to the world I can truly say that it is great, this is one of the best handheld games of this generation. I love the turn style gameplay and the way you can default or pass up the chance to attack to build points for a more deadly attack, incorporating magic in it to. The street pass function is great and I like the way other online players can send you other quests to do when they attack the village your trying to rebuiled. All and all this game does not disappoint get it while it's hot!