Sunday, April 20, 2014

Soul Calibur V -{XBOX 360}-

I lucked up and found the Collectors Edition of this game new for $14.99, now the packaging and all it comes with is hot, The Art Book is my favorite part of this package. I've always been a Soul Calibur fan and a fan of fighting games in general the graphics are very good it plays great but for some reason to me it seems like it's slower to execute moves in this game Vs. the previous ones maybe it's just me. They added some type of story mode which I think is stupid and the game could do without really. All and All 1 On 1 battles are great online and offline I recommend this for fighting fans just stay away from the story mode.

Battlefield 4 -{PS4}-

Finally got around to finishing the story mode of this game and I must say I really enjoyed it. Non-stop action love the graphics and gameplay, I always hear people compare the Call Of Duty Series and The Battlefield Series and in my opinion I can't choose which one I like better lol, the story mode in Battlefield 4 is awesome although kind of short was good and can catch the imagination. Haven't played a lot of the Multi-player but from what I have done in it this games replay value is very high check it out!

Gears Of War: Judgement -{XBOX 360}-

Finally got time to get around to finishing this game and my impressions are that it is no where close to my favorite Gears Of War Game which is 3. With that being said it didn't draw me into the story like Gears Of War 3 where I actually felt for the charactors and story, but I will say the gameplay was solid it did feel like a Gears Of War Game just not up to the previous one. I would recommend this game more now then when it came out personally main reason being it's way cheaper now and the 60 dollar price tag was not appealing. Right now the price is right to get this game.