Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed~{3DS}~

Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed on the 3DS is a wild ride I must say with characters from Sega past time is cool. Depending on what character you choose your vehicle transforms from car to plane to boat this is nice for gameplay, it has the same dynamics as a Mario Kart game but Sega advanced it some and tweaked it. The boards are full of color which is great I must say, still with a Mario Kart fill having gaining power ups the same same way some exactly like a Mario Kart game others all together different. This game can stand alone and is a fun game to check out.

New Super Mario Bros. U~{Wii U}~

Mario is always best in a side scrolling adventure mostly everything about this game has been said but I'll just add that if you are a Mario fan this game is fun fun fun I have enjoyed it and being able to play off TV is a plus. I know a lot of people that got the Wii U didn't want a Mario game but hey I'd rather it sooner than later lol. On the bright side of things old or new Mario fans this game is fun and good and in HD so check it out.

Hitman Absolution~{Xbox 360}~

Hitman Absolution is off the chain boy oh boy, Agent 47 has been ordered to kill his mentor, then he turns his back on the Agency then has to protect some girl from falling into the hands of the Agency and everyone else. When I say IMHO that this game is a must have for any gamers collection I mean it Square Enix hit a home run on this one, the graphics are awesome in some scenes life like with great dialog and bullets flying everywhere. Stealth is my normal M.O. Sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies is great fun. Gameplay is great you can target enemies with a matrix like feel take them all down at once or if the heat is on you can hide in dumpsters, closets, etc....take down someone and use there clothes as a disguise to bend in with the locals. This game is a must have check it out.

Fire Emblem Awakening~{3DS}~

This is one of the best RPG's so far this year on console or handheld IMHO, this game like past Fire Emblem titles is turn based action allowing the player to move characters in positions to dominate and take over the board. You can also customize your character, choose what class you want him or her in with different skills, strengths, and weakness. Your characters also develop emotional ties to each other and can get married have children in which your kids you can use on the battlefield. Over all if you are looking for turn style RPG action Fire Emblem Awakening is the game you want to get. Also Nintendo has several DLC for just a few dollars to further your adventure. Turn style play also allows you to pair and in most cases do more damage to enemies also this is where you get that emotional connection lol.  I'm enjoying this game so much I you have the opportunity to check it out to.