Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, let me say first I went to the Midnight Release at A local Gamestop, the line was around the corner. People really showed there asses lol by driving off burning rubber yelling and screaming it was insane. I got the game for the XBOX 360 got home and had to wait almost an hour for the damn near 8 Gigabyte install lol. When it was done now its time to play, the game starts out fantastic with a bank robbery in progress and a great shootout. It's played in the third person perspective action and gameplay is great, graphics are awesome while playing it it really felt like a movie. I will also say this it is not a game suitable for young children but a great game non the less, easy nominee for Game Of The Year!

Killzone Mercenary {PS Vita}

Killzone Mercenary developed by Guerrilla Cambridge and the 5th in the Killzone Series. Available only on the Playstation Vita this 1st person shooter may be the best game so far to be released on the system IMHO. Graphics in this game are great and IMHO are comparable to Killzone 2 & 3 on the PS3. The feel is awesome all the buttons are in the right place also with the touch screen makes melee on enemies great. Gameplay is awesome for a handheld this will make a great edition to your PS Vita Collection.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bioshock Infinite - DLC Clash In The Clouds -{PS3}-

Finally the first Downloadable Content for Bioshock Infinite Clash In The Clouds with 4 levels Raven's Dome , The OPS Zeal, Duke and Dimwit Theater, and the Emporia Arcade. You fight in different waves and you can achieve what they are calling Blue Ribbon Challenges depending on things like killing with a shotgun only or Skyline attacks ETC... If you don't perform the Blue Ribbon Challenges you will not get credit but as long as you get through the wave that's all that matters. As with Bioshock Infinite the graphics and gameplay are awesome, being a fan of the Bioshock series this DLC is worth it check it out.

Wonderful 101 -{Wii U}-

Wonderful 101 developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo will be released in North America September 15th 2013, the Demo is available in the Nintendo eShop. Playing this Demo at first was exciting but some controls on it became difficult until i got the hang of it. The game is very colorful, your heroes range from different colors and names like Wonder Red, Wonder Blue, and Wonder Green just to name a few. It's a collective game which all heroes work together for a common goal to defeat space aliens called the GEATHJERK. I would say from what I played it is very action packed, I will be picking this up day one on release.