Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Middle Earth: The Shadows Of Mordor

I'm not a person to be into movie games but after watching countless game play online and being a fan of The Hobbit-Lord Of The Ring movies I had to pick this up. I was totally shocked at how great this game is, it is not a game changer but the action is on point. Combat in this game reminds me of something from the Batman Arkham series, climbing and jumping off cliffs and walls remind me of Assassins Creed. It is a game that borrowed from from others but I think it done it well. Do you need to be well versed in the movies? No I don't think so but knowing the movies is a plus. The graphics are great rain really looks like rain, the storyline is great to me as it takes place between The Hobbit and Lord Of The Ring. I highly recommend this game cause at this point it's my 2014 game of the year!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Destiny -{PS4}-

Now Destiny on the PS4 I have a few hours into now, I've read the reviews, look at youtube videos and what I see is people are really undecided about this game. What I Mean is from PS4 to XBOX-One users hyping the game saying it's better on there brand or giving it low scores based on there brand, look IMHO the game plays the same no matter what you are playing it on. Now that's out of the way visually Destiny is stunning I think the graphics are great gameplay as well but I can also say that if you played Halo then Destiny gives you a fresh coat of paint. So far the story mode is really boring hopefully that will pick up so I've spent alot of time on side missions leveling and shooting any and everything I can. It's still a fun shooter that's worth picking up!

Titanfall -{XBOX 360}-

Titanfall for the XBOX 360, I had resevations about getting this game after watching alot of gameplay and Reading the mixed reviews I went on ahead and bought it finally. After playing it I must say I really enjoyed it, graphics are not the best visually but the game is good fun. The mode I enjoy the most is Atrition, it's really no different from Call Of Duty Multi-player or Battlefield except the Titan falling from the sky then you can pilot it. Overall if you wanna have some good shooter fun check out Titanfall I'm sure you will love it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crysis 3 -{XBOX 360}-

Crysis 3 is the 3rd installment of this franchise developed by Crytek and published by E.A. I am a big fan of the Crysis Series. This is a first person shooter and you play as the Prophet picking up where you left off from in Crysis 2. The action is very simalar to previous Crysis games, I like the story alot, gameplay and graphics are off the chain. I love the Bow and Arrow it really rips the enemy apart. Stealth mode is always great sneaking up on enemies, we also have a great set of weapons you can use throughout the game. Check this piece out it is worth it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Most Anticipated

IGN posted on YouTube 35 minutes of game play footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and what a treat it was to see. I loved The Witcher 2 and the 3rd installment of the franchise looks even better. We now have a opened world game, casting spells look more wider and broader, and for me the most essential part of a RPG fast travel. CD Projekt Red are on the mark with this one not only that but everything in the game is interactive, there was a part in the game where you stand on a cliff and the view was awesome, beautiful, outstanding. Releasing February 24th 2015 on PC, PS4, and XBOX-One this is a serious candidate for game of the year. People the hunt is on.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition ~{XBOX 360}~

With the next installment of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on the horizon in 2015 I felt compelled to go ahead and finish The Witcher 2. This is a great game one of the better RPG's I've played in a while just the story line alone is great. Not only story though game play is a killer and being a Witcher means get paid for whatever you do through swordplay, magic, and alchemy which is also part of the leveling system. You can aquire new weapons and armor from shops, buy diagrams and craft them, my favorite is killing a boss and making dope armor from them. Gameplay is awesome once you get use to it and graphics are great.  You play as Geralt in some ways to me a confused Witcher because depending on choices you make your character is customized to your actual personality and although this has been done before in gaming The Witcher 2 is one game I think pulls it off great. My only reservation is that it was to short even with all the side quests I did. Overall it has me hooked and anticipating The Witcher 3 check out part 2 if you haven't.

Monday, July 21, 2014

WWE Battleground 2014 Results

WWE Battleground Pre-Show

1. Adam Rose Defeated Fandango
2. Camron Defeated Naomi

WWE Battleground Show

3. The Usos Defeated Luke Harper And Eric Rowen Retaining Tag Team Titles
4. AJ Lee Defeated Paige Retaining Divas Title

5. Rusev Defeated Jack Swagger (Count Out)
6. Seth Rollins Defeated Dean Ambrose (Forfeit) 
7. Chris Jericho Defeated Bray Wyatt
8. The Miz Wins Battle Royal Winning The Intercontinental Championship
9. John Cena Defeated Roman Reigns, Kane, & Randy Orton Retaining The WWE World Heavy Weight Championship

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dark Souls II ~{PS3}~

What can I say about this game? It was good once I got pass the control scheme. I found it hard to navigate when in battle and fighting enemies, once I got it down it was on and poppin lol. Storyline is actually pretty solid graphics are ok, this is not the best RPG I've played but it's worth a go round if hack and slash is your thing and believe me if it is your thing you will love it like I did. I don't think average gamers would get into this I think it's strictly for the hardcore.

Mario Kart 8 ~{Wii U}~

Finally I have had a reason to turn on my Wii U after collecting dust the last few months. Mario Kart 8 is the reason, I have always been a big fan of Kart racing and this is no exception. The graphics are great game play is solid, I love the antigravity system especially when you go into replay, you can watch your race and see yourself upside down. Other than that it's Mario Kart fun racing with a few new power ups, not to mention the online actually works lol. Wii U owners need this one.

Borderlands 2 ~{PS Vita}~

First of all let me say I've played this on the XBOX 360, I was excited to know that it was coming out on the Vita. This is 1 of my favorite games within the last couple of years, to be able to take Borderlands 2 on the go excited me. Not only that it comes with the Mechcromancer character and all the DLC what a bargain. At first the controls aggravated me because sometimes I would throw grenades hitting the touch screen by accident, some parts of the game lags and has even hung up and gotten stuck on me. Other than those few issues it's still a great game.

inFamous Second Son ~{PS4}~

By far for me the best game I have play on the PS4. Not really a game changer I think but I loved the action I thought it was a better game than the 1st 2 inFamous games. What stood out to me was gaining new power upgrades from smoke, neon, video, and concrete and how you were never without something to use. Boss battles I thought were good along with dismantling the DUP in district showdowns. Overall graphics look good, it's your basic storyline where your character Delsin is put in a position where he has to save his village. I finished the game with good karma I'll be going back to finish it on bad karma and see what that is like. Solid game I recommend this one on PS4

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Soul Calibur V -{XBOX 360}-

I lucked up and found the Collectors Edition of this game new for $14.99, now the packaging and all it comes with is hot, The Art Book is my favorite part of this package. I've always been a Soul Calibur fan and a fan of fighting games in general the graphics are very good it plays great but for some reason to me it seems like it's slower to execute moves in this game Vs. the previous ones maybe it's just me. They added some type of story mode which I think is stupid and the game could do without really. All and All 1 On 1 battles are great online and offline I recommend this for fighting fans just stay away from the story mode.

Battlefield 4 -{PS4}-

Finally got around to finishing the story mode of this game and I must say I really enjoyed it. Non-stop action love the graphics and gameplay, I always hear people compare the Call Of Duty Series and The Battlefield Series and in my opinion I can't choose which one I like better lol, the story mode in Battlefield 4 is awesome although kind of short was good and can catch the imagination. Haven't played a lot of the Multi-player but from what I have done in it this games replay value is very high check it out!

Gears Of War: Judgement -{XBOX 360}-

Finally got time to get around to finishing this game and my impressions are that it is no where close to my favorite Gears Of War Game which is 3. With that being said it didn't draw me into the story like Gears Of War 3 where I actually felt for the charactors and story, but I will say the gameplay was solid it did feel like a Gears Of War Game just not up to the previous one. I would recommend this game more now then when it came out personally main reason being it's way cheaper now and the 60 dollar price tag was not appealing. Right now the price is right to get this game.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thief -{PS4}-

Thief is a stealth video game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. Released 2\25\14 I bought it for the PS4 and at this moment I think it's great. I love the Stealth combat sneaking up on people pickpocketing, knocking out guards, sneaking in the shadows is awesome. You play as Garrett a master thief who steals from the rich but if you
are caught guards will attack. you carry what they call a Blackjack used to knock the guards out, focus mode allows you to have several advantages like what you can climb and where to go next. The claw he uses to grapple, the bow which can be used for combat. All in all a great game for the collection if you like stealth aspects of gaming.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Knack -{PS4}-

Finally I got the chance to play this game but before I say anything I'll say this, is the game a game changer? Nope. Is this game revoulutionary in style, gameplay, and graphics? Nope. But it is a fun game which I enjoy, Knack is fun to play with more than that I love his attacks, the way he powers up by using what they call relics, ice or wood. The wood power ups I love because Knack will burn if set on fire which will help you in certain parts of the game. Gameplay is pretty good, graphic are ok, I have read a lot of negative reviews but overall if you are looking for a fun game to play i would recommend Knack I do not think it is weak at all, check it out it will be worth it.

Bravely Default Review -{3DS}-

Now that the game has been released to the world I can truly say that it is great, this is one of the best handheld games of this generation. I love the turn style gameplay and the way you can default or pass up the chance to attack to build points for a more deadly attack, incorporating magic in it to. The street pass function is great and I like the way other online players can send you other quests to do when they attack the village your trying to rebuiled. All and all this game does not disappoint get it while it's hot!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bravely Default -{Nintendo 3DS}-

Bravely Default developed by Silicon Studio and Square Enix, published by Square Enix and Nintendo is a turn style combat game with different combinations and moves you can execute. Execution of these moves depend on certain things like going into Default mode, which is a defensive position and your points add up to unleash deadly attacks. The Demo
is awesome so far I have made it to Level 9 and when you buy the full game all the experience is suppose to carry over. You can execute magic, upgrade weapons and all the greatness of a turn style multi-hit RPG like this. Over all I'm loving it and can't wait to get the full game if turn style RPG is your thing pick this up I Don't think you will be disappointed.