Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Middle Earth: The Shadows Of Mordor

I'm not a person to be into movie games but after watching countless game play online and being a fan of The Hobbit-Lord Of The Ring movies I had to pick this up. I was totally shocked at how great this game is, it is not a game changer but the action is on point. Combat in this game reminds me of something from the Batman Arkham series, climbing and jumping off cliffs and walls remind me of Assassins Creed. It is a game that borrowed from from others but I think it done it well. Do you need to be well versed in the movies? No I don't think so but knowing the movies is a plus. The graphics are great rain really looks like rain, the storyline is great to me as it takes place between The Hobbit and Lord Of The Ring. I highly recommend this game cause at this point it's my 2014 game of the year!

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