Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Destiny -{PS4}-

Now Destiny on the PS4 I have a few hours into now, I've read the reviews, look at youtube videos and what I see is people are really undecided about this game. What I Mean is from PS4 to XBOX-One users hyping the game saying it's better on there brand or giving it low scores based on there brand, look IMHO the game plays the same no matter what you are playing it on. Now that's out of the way visually Destiny is stunning I think the graphics are great gameplay as well but I can also say that if you played Halo then Destiny gives you a fresh coat of paint. So far the story mode is really boring hopefully that will pick up so I've spent alot of time on side missions leveling and shooting any and everything I can. It's still a fun shooter that's worth picking up!

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