Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Walking Dead ~{TellTale Games}~ 2012's Game of The Year?

Are you serious? This is the game that got all the hype 2012's Game Of The Year? I have to be honest I am a big fan of the show this game by TellTale Games is not GOTY material IMHO. I like The Walking Dead Survival Instincts better, I mean again the graphics are not great but graphics don't make a great game in which is what I've heard about this game. To me the story is boring I was told by several people who played it that it's so emotionally charged you will damn near cry and the gameplay is great, how far from the truth. I guess also it has it's fans and people that like it but it's just not my cup of tea, I don't like the controls, the interactions at times are to long, engaging in battle is not great. The game is not good to me at all I hear they are working on another 1 if that is true hopefully I won't have the same feelings.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tomb Raider Review

Let me say this is an easy candidate for Game Of The Year IMHO great gameplay, great storyline, great graphics. Being trap on an island I guess you have to learn skills to survive, how to make and use weapons, protect your friends no matter what the cost. I love to engage in battle and shoot fire arrows through the skulls of enemies, looting tombs is awesome with decent puzzles to solve. Again the story draws you in to Lara Croft's struggles which made me feel connected to the character if you played you already know if not copp it.

Sleeping Dogs Review

I've had a chance to finally play this game it sat laying around my house as I played and done other things. WTF was I thinking when I bought it day 1 I should have started playing day 1 and I have missed out on a great game for months. First of all this Square Enix's version of a Grand Theft Auto or a Saints Row IMHO, but Sleeping Dogs is a lot more fun. 1 you play as a undercover cop in Hong Kong trying to infiltrate some triad you get in through your childhood BFF what separates this game is the mission types you can play. You have Triad leveling, Cop leveling, and Face leveling,  triad of course is the crime part you can play, you can throw your cop buddies busts as you move along, Face leveling consists of you doing favors for people around town gauge on your popularity. All and all I know I'm late but this is a great game if you are like me play it now you will not be disappointed.