Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hitman Absolution~{Xbox 360}~

Hitman Absolution is off the chain boy oh boy, Agent 47 has been ordered to kill his mentor, then he turns his back on the Agency then has to protect some girl from falling into the hands of the Agency and everyone else. When I say IMHO that this game is a must have for any gamers collection I mean it Square Enix hit a home run on this one, the graphics are awesome in some scenes life like with great dialog and bullets flying everywhere. Stealth is my normal M.O. Sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies is great fun. Gameplay is great you can target enemies with a matrix like feel take them all down at once or if the heat is on you can hide in dumpsters, closets, etc....take down someone and use there clothes as a disguise to bend in with the locals. This game is a must have check it out.

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