Monday, April 22, 2013

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows Mirror Of Fate -{3DS}-

This new installment of Castlevania IMHO is pretty good with that classic side scrolling, Trevor Belmont, a knight of the Brotherhood of Light, sets out to avenge the death of his mother, at the hands of his own father, who has now returned from years of exile to take up residence in a mysterious castle. What was once Gabriel Belmont is now a powerful vampire called Dracula. Dracula has declared war upon the Brotherhood and thus the scene is set for a cataclysmic showdown between father and son. Gameplay is good you can use your weapons in different combinations some very powerful, along with and in traditional Castlevania style throwing objects like holy water, crosses. Graphics are of course on 3DS level but good overall this is a pretty good game worth a play check it out.

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