Monday, April 22, 2013

Bio Shock Infinite -{PS3}-

Developed by Irrational Games for me this has been one of the games I've been waiting on and finally it's here. I loved the first Bio Shock the second was good but was missing something to me, with Infinite it seems Irrational Games put all the pieces together to make a great game. This first person shooter you play Booker DeWitt former Pinkerton Agent sent to the Air city of Columbia to find a young Woman Name Elizabeth. When you find her she works as a great A.I. Helping you when you are low on weapons ammunitions and vigors to restore your powers. She totally takes care of herself in a battle no matter how fierce or crazy it may get, just be prepared for great gameplay. The scenic views in this game are beautiful especially when you hook to the Skyline and go for a ride. This game is highly recommended get it. Oh and no spoilers but this has one of the greatest endings of all time!

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