Sunday, August 26, 2012

XBOX Smartglass Vs. Wii U Gamepad

Now the Xbox Smartglass is a great response to the Wii U Gamepad but Smartglass does not do exactly what the Wii U Gamepad does. Smartglass will be able to control your Xbox and apps, the examples given at E3 were using HBO GO to play movies and shows give background information on the show your watching. Also the Madden example showed play calling and adjusting plays at the line very interesting because this will be available for free on all tablet and android devices. The Wii U Gamepad does a lot more I think because it is a major part of the Wii U one Nintendo is hyping. The Wii U Gamepad can be used to transfer your game from the TV to the Pad, the Pad itself is the controller also with a touch screen that is used for gameplay also. Xbox Smartglass is due out this fall 2012 and Wii U is due out Holiday 2012.

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