Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

First of all let me say Skyrim as a game is great, Bethesda has always had a way of telling a story in The Elder Scrolls series. Talk about content Skyrim is fill with nothing but content if your not on a quest you can read books, or work on your Alchemy, or Enchanting, or get a job. This is a way of life. The latest DLC Dawnguard gives you a choice to become and join a Vampire faction or those at Fort Dawnguard, whether you chose to slay vampires or everyone else is your business me I chose to kill Vampires. My choice was based upon My character is already a Werewolf, and I just don't like vampires lol. To break it down short and sweet you have to go after and stop the most powerful vampire of them all to do that you have to keep his daughter alive, find two Elder Scrolls. Gameplay is about 8-9 hours and worth it, you find better treasure, weapons, and armor including Dragonbone items. Also after you are done with the main Dawnguard quest your female vampire companion is a very powerful friend to have at your side. You can also convince her to find a cure for Vampirism which she does and you can pick her up again at Fort Dawnguard. For all my Elder Scroll fans This DLC is worth your time get it.

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